Thu Sep 9, 2021
Electric Energy Storage "Talis" or "Tabung Listrik"

TaLis or tabung listrik is one of the government programs for realizing higher electrification ratio in remote areas of Papua and Maluku which is far from the PLN electricity grid. The TaLis program is a collaboration between PLN and Universitas Indonesia with Universitas Indonesia as the researcher and PLN as the implementer. Based on the news that released on page (in 2018), TaLis is an innovation from lecturers at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesa in form of storage device for electric energy consist of a battery pack (composed with 18650 Li-Ion cells) and management system for the battery pack or so-called BMS (Battery Management System).

As written in the news that TaLis prototype can store electric energy up-to 630 Wh.  With its compact size, this device can be distributed easily like LPG and can be recharged in “Stasiun Pengisian Energi Listrik” or SPEL. Based on the written news, the duration of charging from empty to. full-charge is about 4 hours. The available interface is very simple, such as 2 USB 5 Volt outlet, a 12 V outlet and a DC socket for the charger cable from SPEL.

  Image 1. TaLis prototype created by researchers from Universitas Indonesia (source:

Image 1. TaLis prototype created by researchers from Universitas Indonesia  (source:

Meanwhile, TaLis which is implemented by PLN nowadays has more interface compared to the TaLis prototype which developed by Universitas Indonesia. The developed TaLis which already implemented has a 12 V outlet with a car-style outlet socket, 4 pcs 5 V outlet socket, 2 pcs 220 Vac outlet socket, and a charger socket for SPEL charger cable. There a 3 capacity variants of the developed TaLis, there are 300 Wh, 500 Wh, and 1000 Wh.

In the PLN electrification program using TaLis, the provided package consists of a TaLis unit, DC lamp with its fitting, and installation cable with a proper connector to 12 V TaLis socket. In a youtube video released by channel, TaLis can be operated up to 3 to 8 nights depend on the chosen variant with assumption the load is only 15 W with continue operation 8 hours per night. The presence of TaLis with various features as a source of electric energy that can be recharged centrally at SPEL is expected to increase the electrification ratio in remote areas that are still far from the PLN electricity grid.

Image 2 . TaLis which is distributed by PLN (source: youtube channel


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