24 April 2018
Executive Summary – Vietnam Energy and Renewables Report
In the recent years, the economic growth of Vietnam is significantly positive and fast. Poverty rate dropped sharply, activity and life quality increase. Vietnam government, wants to make the economic growth as the locomotive of his country development. Strategies applied to make the quick change in country development onward without leaving the spirit of sustainable progress.
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4 September 2018
Today’s Application and Future Projection of Battery
Two types of renewable energy that will not be separated from the battery as the main spotlight are solar power plant and wind power plant. Both have different characteristics but still needed in all corners of the world. In general, there are countries that have the potential of solar lighting optimally every year so that solar power plant will be a solution to increase energy demand in the region.
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3 May 2018
Executive Summary – Thailand Energy and Renewables Report
The Kingdom of Thailand is located in Southeast Asia with total population around 68 million peoples in an area of 513.000 square kilometers that divided into six regions with totally 76 provinces...
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