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Executive Summary – Vietnam Energy and Renewables Report

In the recent years, the economic growth of Vietnam is significantly positive and fast. Poverty rate dropped sharply, activity and life quality increase. Vietnam government, wants to make the economic growth as the locomotive of his country development. Strategies applied to make the quick change in country development onward without leaving the spirit of sustainable progress.

Economic growth will always go hand in hand with energy supply. Reasonable, or to be precise affordable energy price, shall  also accommodate the attractiveness for investors to build new facilities and infrastructures. Energy is always be connected to emission of green house gas.

Policies and strategies has been drawn, resulting in blueprints for exploitation of domestic fossil fuel resources and a strategy for increase of the use of renewable energy.

Investments in the energy sector is supported and maintained by government, by means energy sector development policies. Utilizations of state finance power channeled through state owned enterprise, combined with private capital and foreign investors.

Vietnam now is a net importer and no longer energy exporter. The security of energy supply is become a concern. Import share of total primary energy supply is predicted to move up by  37.5% in 2025 and 58.5% in 2035.  Vietnam would have to depend  on imported fuel, mainly coal.

In order to anticipate  this unavoidable  situation, the imported volume shall be cut by promoting  energy efficiency and by exploiting the Renewable Energies potentials.

Electricity is getting bigger and bigger in the pie chart of  energy consumption mix.  Expected grow of demand is 8% annually, on average for the next 20 years. The result is a need for additional 93 GW of power generation capacity  until 2035.

Plan is made that 25% from 93 GW shall be Renewable Energies, while coal will dominate the share of 50%.

Almost 24 GW of RE plants within 20 years will be a big tasks in RE development for a country. The potential of RE in Vietnam are wind, considering the long shore line from  North to South, Solar PV,and  Biomass. Geological conditions and terrains in Vietnam promise a potential of Hydropower as well.

This report will covers the potential, projected  new RE power plants, progress and achievements in making  renewable energies part of solution in a country which grow in economic and industry sectors  like Vietnam.

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