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Ocean Afforestation: Solution to Reduce Carbon from Ocean

Carbon is a necessary component of any life on Earth, whether they take in carbon to help build food or release carbon as part of respiration. Carbon is discovered and transferred between the atmosphere, the ocean, terrestrial plant biomass, and soil, all global reservoirs. Nature tends to maintain carbon levels balanced, which means that the quantity of carbon released equals the amount absorbed. Carbon balance ensures that the Earth remains habitable for life. Researchers think that humans have disrupted this carbon balance by burning fossil fuels, which has resulted in more carbon being released into the atmosphere than is normal, resulting in climate change and global warming.

Ocean Macroalgae afforestation (OMA) is one of the relevant efforts to mitigate climate change by restoring carbon balance. This strategy is based on macroalgae forests (kelp or other seaweeds). The energy input and output in OMA follow the same natural processes. Macroalgae may be found along practically every shoreline on the planet and in the open ocean in certain situations. By absorbing carbon emissions, rebuilding marine ecosystems, producing biofuel and renewable plastics, and producing marine protein, marine macroalgae can play a significant role in lowering carbon emissions.

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Bima Faqih Ramadhan

I have extensive experience working in the environmental sector with a focus on sustainability concerns. Currently, I am working as an Environmental Analyst at Chakra Giri Energi Indonesia, an Energy Consulting Services Company. My expertise includes coastal development, conservation issues, carbon sequestration, environmental management, and fisheries. I believe that our efforts in maintaining environmental sustainability will be crucial for a better future. I am looking forward to making meaningful contributions in this field and collaborating with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders to achieve shared goals